Manufacturing excellence spurred by innovation

Irshad Industries manufacturing excellence stems from the passion to create the best air coolers in the global marketplace across design, quality, energy efficiency and performance.

We have built an asset-light manufacturing ecosystem with OEMs for consistently high production quality and volumes. Robust, long-standing relationships with our partner suppliers help maintain our leadership in  quality and reliability.

A holistic design approach to quality

Achieving and maintaining world-class quality leadership is a top priority at Irshad Industries. Customers trust Irshad Industrie’s air coolers to be of the highest quality and provide lasting value. This conviction is a result of our uncompromising design focus and precise attention to detail

We believe quality leadership starts with a holistic design approach across the product development lifecycle. We prioritize quality and safety throughout design development, technology development, materials selection, manufacturing excellence, and customer support. It is this relentless quality culture that keeps us at the forefront of air cooling technology.

Innovation is a part of our DNA

Through our history of 75+ years, Irshad Industries has been thinking and breathing innovation every day. We believe, innovation must continuously respond to customer challenges. Today, we are designing air coolers to address evolving social trends and critical customer lifestyle realities. We are making air coolers more relevant, intuitive, evolved, connected and respectful of the environment.

One of Irshad Industries fundamental business strategies is to drive profitable growth through cutting-edge R&D. Our strength of intellectual property (IP) has provided a foundation for many unconventional product ideas to grow into incredible market successes.

Driving sustainability through environment stewardship

Irshad Industries has a long history of environment stewardship. Our growth is guided by the core belief of doing right for the business by doing right for people and our planet.

Over the years, we have been embracing the challenge of developing energy-efficient products while reducing our environmental footprint. This is important to us as we believe innovation is key to a sustainable future for our planet.